Communications to Residents



Heatherwood currently has multiple methods of communicating with our residents:

- Community Open Meetings - held twice per year

- Heatherwood Website

- Heatherwood Newsletters - published twice per year

- Postal mail

- Email (used to communicate to our residents important and time sensitive information)

If you wish to be included in the email service please see the following.

Method of Communication Contact Contact Information/Notes

Heatherwood Residents

Email Distribution List

To be added to, or removed from, this list or to have your email address updated contact Heatherwood.


This service is used to send out important and time sensitive Heatherwood related communications to residents and inclusion is strictly voluntary.  This service is only used for this purpose and is not shared with anyone.

Residents already on the distribution list are also reminded to notify Heatherwood if they change their email address or wish to be removed from the list.

You need to supply your name, postal mailing address and email address when contacting us.

Heatherwood Website

Bill Taggart

The email address that you should use if you need to contact me on any website related issue is

The website has Heatherwood Community information as well as local area information and other links to various websites that people often need to reference.  The Heatherwood website has this content and more in one easy to use location.

If anyone has any suggestions on adding any new content that you feel would be beneficial to our residents or if you have any questions on the website or suggestions on how I can make the website more useful to you, please contact me.


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