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      COVID-19 News from Washington Twp  

Added 3/19/20


• News from the Washington Twp Website on...

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)










  New Jersey REAL ID Drivers License   Consumer Protection Advisory – Avoid Abbreviating the Year    

Updated 3/29/20


Added 1/15/20


On Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the Real ID deadline would be delayed by one year and cautioned that a longer extension may be necessary.

Click here for more on this news.


Starting October 1, 2020, you must have a REAL ID compliant driver license/ID to fly within the U.S., unless you use a U.S. passport or another federally approved form of identification.

UNTIL THAT DATE, a Standard New Jersey driver license is valid for air travel within the U.S.

Here is more on this subject.

REAL ID (has a Star in upper right)




The Gloucester County Department of Consumer Protection and Board of Chosen Freeholders would like to make all residents aware of a potential new way their data may be at risk in the new year.

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Notice to Realtors and Title Companies


Solar Panel Installation


Homeowner Responsibilities








Click here for an important notice to Realtors and Title Companies.

  Before commencement of work by the contractor, solar panels must have ARB approval.

See this section of the website for the procedure to be followed.

  Click here for an important notice regarding Heatherwood homeowner responsibilities.


Front Door & Shutter Paint Color Information


Heatherwood Pet Rules


Dog Cleanup







  Click here for details on this subject.



Everyone is asked to comply with our Heatherwood Pet Rules, which are a protected covenant in our Community Documents.

All pets shall be walked on a leash always.  Any animal outside any home must be leashed and at no time shall it create a nuisance of any kind.  Animal owners should exercise common courtesy and avoid walking their pets within close proximity of people, other pets or animals.

·     All dogs shall be attended by the owner or owner’s representative and kept on a leash.

     All dogs shall wear a visible Washington Township registration tag when outside of the pet owner’s residence. Any dog found unattended without a tag will be turned over to the Washington Township authorities.

      Pet owners shall not walk or allow their pets on other homeowner’s properties.

    Pet owners shall not allow their pets to defecate or urinate on other homeowners’ properties.

    Pet owners shall not allow their pets to defecate or urinate on the grass area between the curb and sidewalks.

     Pet owners are responsible for cleaning-up their pet’s defecation on the owner’s property, other homeowners’ properties and all common grounds within the Heatherwood Community.

Dog owners must also adhere to all ordinances of Washington Township, regarding care and walking of pets.

  Just a gentle reminder to all dog walkers to clean up after your animals.  Occasionally, dog waste is spotted in the Community.  If you walk your dog and forget your waste bag, please return and pick the waste up in a short period of time.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.



Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Heatherwood Homeowners Association


Exhibit C - By-Laws of Heatherwood Homeowners Association


Watering of Lawns and other Water Conservation Measures in Washington Twp





Last Updated 6/28/18



  • The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions are now available in their entirety on the Heatherwood Website. Click here to download or view.


  • The Heatherwood Exhibit C Bylaws are now available in their entirety on the Heatherwood Website. Click here to download or view.



• Limited water conservation measures will be instituted by the WTMUA from May 1 to September 15. Heatherwood, which is East of Egg Harbor Road follows the "ODD NUMBERED DAYS" schedule for watering. Click here for more information from the WTMUA on the subject of when you may water your lawn.



Yard Waste


Lawn Cutting Schedule


Community Notice: Paint Disposal



Last Updated 3/4/19



Last Updated 4/14/20



Last Updated 6/23/19


Click here for a notice from Washington Twp regarding disposal of Yard Waste.



Please be advised that the weekly scheduled lawn cutting day for 2020 is Monday, weather permitting.

The first cut was April 6.



  This notice is from Washington Township regarding disposal of Paint.


Washington Twp Trash/Recycling Program


Gloucester County Household Waste Collection Program and Schedule for 2020


Gloucester County Recycling Importance and Tips



Last Updated 2/14/20



Last Updated 2/3/20



Last Updated 2/14/20


Here is a 2020 update on the Washington Twp Recycling program.

• Click here to read a notice regarding the Township Trash and Recycling program.

Click here for FAQ regarding this topic  including how holidays sometimes affect which day trash and recycling is picked up (scroll down the page and look for the "What are the holidays observed by the trash company?" link.


• Click here to read this notice on the 2020 Gloucester County waste collection dates.



Gloucester County reminds residents of recycling importance and tips, click here.


Disposal of White Goods, TVs, and Other Metal Products


Dispose of old Medicine


Veterans NJ Tax Exemption



Last Updated 3/4/19






Click here to read a notice on this topic from Washington Township's website



The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has developed Project Medicine Drop as an important component of its effort to halt the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs. It allows consumers to dispose of unused and expired medications anonymously, seven days a week, 365 days a year, at "prescription drug drop boxes" located within the headquarters of participating police departments.

A Project Medicine Drop box is in the lobby of the Washing Twp Police Administration Building on McClure Drive.

  If you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty in the Armed Forces of the U.S., you and your spouse may be eligible to receive an extra $3,000 tax exemption on your Income Tax return.

Click here for more Details on this program.

  Washington Township and other local Activities   Deer Removal    





Click here to see some new additions to the Washington Twp News and Events page.


Gloucester County offers deer removal from county and municipal roadways. Click here for more details.



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